Supply Chain Management & Strategy

Course Overview

Supply Chain Management Sample Syllabus

The course explores the major elements of the supply chain. Participants will be exposed to leading edge thinking on supply chain strategy as well as practical tools and methods for its implementation.

Topics covered include:

  • Supply Chain Management Principles and the Customer
  • Supply Chain Networks and Organizations
  • Product Lifecycle Implications to Supply Chains
  • Forecasting and Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Processes
  • Supply Chain Information Systems
  • Supply Chain Performance and Metrics
  • Lean Supply Chains
  • Risk Management
  • Legal and Ethical Issues

Course Objectives

After taking the Supply Chain Management and Strategy course, participants will be able to :

  • Understand how supply chain strategy can provide a competitive advantage for organizations
  • Recognize supply chain approaches to support products in different phases of their lifecycle
  • Analyze the balance between customer satisfaction level and inventory management policies
  • Integrate the role of manufacturing capabilities in pursuit of supply chain objectives
  • Leverage supplier and distributor capabilities within value generating business processes
  • Design lean supply chains with the appropriate levels of risk
  • Apply information systems to support collaboration and visibility of supply chains

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