Professional Education

Organizations face seemingly conflicting objectives: Improving organizational performance while managing organizational risk. Leveraging new opportunities while preserving existing gains. A deep understanding of process transformation and innovation is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of both executives and line managers. Stevens’ professional education offerings are highly tailored and focused courses that bring organizational leaders up to speed with current and emerging practices surrounding Business Process Innovation. These courses are custom-designed to cover topics such as:

  • Strategies to establish a Process Innovation Center of Excellence in your organization
  • Best Practices for Process analysis and improvement
  • Integration of Enterprise Architecture and BPM efforts
  • Workflow automation and Simulation technology
Courses can be delivered online, on premises, or at Stevens’ state-of-the-art campus locations in Hoboken, NJ, and Washington, DC.
Contact us with your current concerns in the area of Business Process Management, and we will be happy to discuss a customized offering for your organization.

Overview of BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is the set of concepts, methods, and tools that help organizations define, implement, measure and improve their end-to-end processes. BPM is a combination of mature organizational transformation concepts (Business Process Reengineering, Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management) and supporting technologies such as workflow management, process analytics, process mining, and service-oriented systems. BPM technology helps organizations become more efficient by coordinating activities, automatically allocating tasks to process participants and integrating services and applications into the process.

Demand for BPM

Demand has been fueled by opportunities related to ongoing performance improvement, process outsourcing/off-shoring and the interest in process standards such as ITIL and SCOR. Global analysts such as the Gartner Group have identified the improvement of business processes as the number one priority of CIOs for a number of years.